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Frequently Asked Questions

Not too sure yet? We hope to answer your queries here.

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Hey, I am interested! How do I go about making a booking?

Just head on over to our website, fill in the booking form and we will be in touch with you shortly. If you would like to check if a date is available, feel free to check with us at Also, do note that we can only accept weekend bookings.

Why only 4 courses? Can we have more?

We modelled our meal structure according to the Italians because they really know how to feast!

Antipasto (a starter to whet the appetite), Primo (a carb), Secondo (a protein) and lastly, Dolce (dessert). Given that it is a home kitchen, we found 4 courses optimal to ensure quality but extra dishes can be arranged on a case by case basis with an additional charge depending on the complexity of the menu.

Is there a menu I can choose?

Every meal is a new Mixtape. :) We craft a customised menu for each meal depending on your cravings and preferences as much as possible. For example, if you are celebrating your husband's birthday, do let us know his favourite food and food haunts. What would be the significance of this meal? What would be the reason everyone is gathering today for? How do you know each other?

Do we all need to eat the same dishes?

Well yes, we strongly believe that everyone on the dining table should have the same food journey. This is also why we serve our dishes communal style as much as possible for the shared experienced.

I have a friend who has a special diet, how do I go about it?

As we customized each menu, we will try out best to accommodate a menu that is able to satisfy his/her special diet. In the event that we are unable to do so, we usually keep one course to have a separate dish. Additional charges apply.

Can we have the meal on a weekday?

Yes! Of course!

Can I bring my own booze?

Of course you can. :) We do carry some wine at all times for purchase just in case.

Your minimum pax for a meal is 6 but there is only 4 of us, can we still proceed?

Yes, due to the homemade nature of our dishes which requires a lot more effort, we would need to meet the minimal spend of 6 pax to continue should you wish to proceed.

I am unable to confirm the final number of people, can I still reserve the date?

Yes, you can. You will just need to place a deposit to lock in the date, and confirm the final pax latest 1 week before your meal.

Can you cook at my place instead?

No, we choose not to do so as we found out previously that we were unable to provide the best product given the limitations of different home kitchens.