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How to cook rice on a stovetop!

Rice at home, with or without a rice cooker

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This is the April 2020 and most of the world are going into lock down due to the coronavirus. On the more positive front, home cooking is at all time high! Almost every asian household will have a rice cooker, and I feel that many of us have lost touch of how to cook rice the old fashion way, on the stove top!

It is easier than you think, and here is how!


  • Measure the rice you need
  • Wash and rinse about 3 times
  • Add water based on the water ratio for your rice 
  • Set heat/flame to low. Leave pot uncovered
  • Let it come to a boil slowly. Probably 5 to 10 mins depending on how much rice and water you have. 
  • When almost all the water has been absorbed by the rice. Put the lid on 
  • Leave the flame on for another min, and turn it off 
  • Let the rice steam in the pot with lid on for at least 15 mins
  • Enjoy your rice!