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Tacos Tacos Tacos!

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Mexico definitely has one of the greatest cuisines in the world! Known around the world for its tacos and carnitas, but there is so much more to Mexico than what is commonly portrayed. The country is full of people who love life, dances in the streets and it shows in their food and people. Check out the vlogs below on our 2 weeks trip around Mexico!

Mexico City

Lucha Libre, the wrestling entertainment show of Mexico! If you watch the movie, you will know that it is a whole lot of fun! Check out the vlog to get a sense of the atmosphere!

We love exploring markets within the first 2 days of landing in the country. It gives a beautiful insight into the country, its culture, its cuisine and most importantly, its people!

Of all the markets we visited during our 3.5 months travel, Mexico's La Merced remains the best market we have the pleasure of visiting. Its vibrant, crazy varieties of produce, crazy fresh and filled with fabulously friendly locals!

Join us as we stuffed ourselves with Tacos in Mexico City! It is after all an almost no carbs diet it seems! Also, in this vlog, we found ourselves in love with the Seafood Tostadas, so much that it made it into our menu!

We decided to treat ourselves after 2 weeks in Mexico with a meal at the 11th best restaurant in the world, Quintonil. There were a couple of hits and misses, but overall a great experience!


Probably our favourite city in Mexico! The food, the people, the dancing, the mezcal!

Chocolate, loved by almost everyone in the world was actually invented in Mexico by the Aztecs. Were are in Oaxaca to watch them make chocolate the traditional way as it has been for thousands of years.

Mezcal, an underrated and misunderstood spirits that has so much potential. The range of flavours from Mezcal, be it single variatal or blend, wild or farmed gives this spirit such a big range of flavours.

Join us as we learn about Mezcal in this vlog.

Mole, probably the most important thing to eat in Oaxaca! We are here in Oaxaca solely to taste Mole in its origin!