Sicilian Pistachio Paste
Sicilian Pistachio Paste
Probably the best pistachio paste you will ever try! Always wonder how gelato makers get that ridiculous pistachio flavour? Well, it is because they use Sicilian Pistachios which is stronger in flavours than other pistachios such as Californian. We connected directly with the pistachio factory in Sicily and decided to bring this kickass paste to you in a format size more suitable for households.

For the avid baker, this pistachio paste will elevate your next pistachio bake or ice cream to the next level! A tablespoon of this stuff goes a long way!

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This is a raw pistachio product and unsweetened. As it is made with 100% pistachio nuts, the oil will split and rise to the top after sitting for a while. The oil is a natural protection for the paste to prevent it from spoiling. Before using, just mix the paste and oil together. 

It's good to keep in a dark and cool area for about 3 months. 

Product size is 180ml


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