• Classics Unadulterated

    For the timeless classics lovers

  • What is this menu about?

    This menu is about the classic dishes from around the world that we have been to and enjoyed and presented to you as authentically as we can. This menu is also your culinary mixtape as we present a customised menu based on your food memories, dietary restrictions or cravings. Many of these dishes that we do are quite difficult to find in Singapore restaurants or they do not do it justice.

    How does this work?

    When we first started in 2014, this was the dinner series that got us to where we are. A fully customised menu for our guests. Upon receiving the deposit to secure the date, we will begin a consultation with you and proposed a menu to you.

    Oh where have you been?

    Some of the cuisines we have in our repertoire and exhaustive are Spanish, Italian, Moroccan, Creole (New Orleans), Mexican, Argentinean, Lebanese and of course South East Asian.

  • $100 per pax

    *Bring your own booze, no corkage

    6 pax to 12 pax

    Minimum of 6 pax or equivalent spend to start

    4 courses

    Customised Menu

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