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    Kenneth Yong started The Mixtape Chef in 2015, becoming a trailblazer in Singapore's private dining scene.


    His mission is to bring the world (and people) closing one dish at a time. Through food, Yong discovers a symphony of flavors, finding surprising harmonies across continents. Inspired by this global tapestry, he crafts unique, made-from-scratch dishes that burst with simple yet powerful flavors. Expect a true home-cooked experience, where everything – from breads to charcuterie, even the beer – is lovingly made from scratch

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  • Our Philosophy

    Inspired by the various cuisines that we tasted and loved during our travels, putting flavours above all else, we pay homage to the Global Classics that we create in our home kitchen, bringing you and your party together through a food journey in our very own private dining room.


    Fueled by the passion for good food and creating good times, we are a husband and wife team who specializes in an intimate private home dining experience at Sengkang

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    Kenneth Yong

    The Mixtape Chef

    A self-taught chef who is passionate about the origins of Classic dishes from around the world. Seeing the world through the lens of food and using food to transcend boundaries.


    Defining his culinary voice in Global Classics cuisine while paying homage to the classics that defined the cuisines we have today. He believes cuisine is in constant flux and with a global list of ingredients in Singapore, he seeks to define what Global Cuisines means.




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    Laureen Goh

    The Smiley Sidekick

    Cheerful by nature, the front of the house is there to ensure you enjoy your event


    Strong believer in living life with as little worry as possible; she lives by the mantra of Live, Love and Laugh.


    Weaving is her current obsession.

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    The Friendly Sidekick

    Our newest member of The Mixtape Chef Family!


    Jolly and friendly, she will welcome you into our home and occasionally pass you a toy to play with her, if you are deemed worthy by her. :)


    She is judgy towards birds and lizards.



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  • Our Reviews

    Yuan Oeij

    A truly unique experience, firstly because you will struggle to get this type of dining anywhere in Singapore, and mostly because Ken & Laureen are such an energetic and loving couple and wonderful earnest hosts who genuinely want you to have a great meal. They look happy, and you can feel it in the dining room and in their food.

    I love that the cooking is non-pretentious (when there is every temptation to over design & ‘ingredient-ise’ a plate to impress), thoughtful, and most importantly very delicious, every step of the way from the homemade crusty bread to the Moroccan chicken/olive/raisin tagine and the banana soufflé. Cooking with love and skill.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone, and will be returning for sure with more guests.

    Note: Be prepared for some cooking aromas in the dining room. It is a small apartment after all – just dress comfortably ☺


    Greg Forbes

    European food done better than many in Europe, home cooking finer than many restaurants and hospitality more welcoming than anywhere in Singapore. Excellent indeed and a thoroughly enjoyable experience!


    Daniel Tong

    fantastic food and experience! I've known Kenneth and Laureen for quite a while, but only recently tried the mixtape chef experience - i must say i am very impressed. K&L are lovely hosts and their passion for food really shows. Highly recommended!

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