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  • Troy Chionh

    "I thoroughly enjoyed the class! Kenneth patiently explained each step of the bread making process, and provided a lot of practical tips too. It was super fun kneading the dough by hand! While waiting for the dough to rest/rise, we enjoyed Kenneth's delicious three course lunch, coffee, tea, and had lots of laughs :)
    We each made one bread boule...it tasted much better than store-bought ones. I'll definitely be baking my own bread from now on!"

    Justin Lee

    "Understanding the baker’s percentage through theory and practice made me more confident in handling bread dough across recipes. Lunch was also divine!"

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    Bread and Butter Experience
    Bread and Butter Experience
    250.00 - 1,000.00
    The Bread and Butter Experience is an intimate and small, hands-on class focusing on bread fundamentals, science and techniques to bake artisan-style breads with supermarket ingredients.

    And it can't be called 'The Bread and Butter Experience" without us making some homemade butter!

    10am to 4 pm. Price includes a 3 course lunch made by The Mixtape Chef, featuring a preview of the same bread which you will be making , a glass of booze, coffee and loads of fun.

    The class size is strictly for 4 pax. Dates for private sessions to be discussed.

    Note, we have a chill dog at home. :)
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