• Global Classics

    For the culturally woke

  • What is this menu about?

    Original dishes from Kenneth's take on Global Classics cuisine. This menu seeks to bring the world closer, one dish at a time by reimaging our classic dishes through a global lens. Throughout our travels, we found more similarities amongst various cultures rather than differences. Through this menu, we seek to showcase that similarity by taking key elements from classic dishes, mixing them to have very interesting and delicious results!

    What's inspired this menu?

    When I first started private dining in 2014, the most common question I would get is, what cuisine do you cook? After spending many years of soul searching on this question and digging further on the concept of cuisine, I landed on the term Global Classics. Cuisine can be loosely defined as a set of ingredients available to society at a given point of time and in that context, being in Singapore, cuisine is truly a global thing. This menu is a statement about this, its everything that I believe in, from values to flavour profile.

  • $120 per pax

    *Bring your own booze, no corkage

    6 pax to 10 pax

    Minimum of 6 pax or equivalent spend to start

    5 to 6 courses

    *Menu subjected to change slightly due to ingredients availability

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