Smoked Bacon (Pre Order)
80.00 - 140.00
We do the bacon the traditional way, a dry-cured for a week and give it a good traditional smoking session with hickory wood chips. None of that rubbish liquid smoke stuff. No msg, no preservatives, the way bacon have been before mass commercialisation of it.

Comes in a slab and vacuum sealed so you can decide for yourself how thick the bacon slab you like. Knock yourself out with that 1cm thick bacon steak. :)

10 days lead time needed. This is a pre-order item only as we do not keep stock.

Coming soon
Coming soon
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Good bacon is hard to come by in Singapore. I remember when I had a bite of quality smoked bacon in the states and I was blown away. It's not overly salty and with that incredible authentic smoke flavour permeating throughout. Looking back the commercial bacon that we are used to, its just miles apart.  
Commercial bacon is wet cured because it is much faster, but in the process, the bacon is also chocked full of water. If you have ever cooked commercial bacon on the pan, you would have noticed the amount of water that is being squeezed out of it. This doesn't happen to dry-cured bacon. 
This bacon can be frozen for 6 months. To be consumed with a week if kept in the fridge. 
Able to split the bacon into smaller portions for easy freezing if need be. Please leave a comment in the remarks.
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