Bread and Butter Experience
250.00 - 1,000.00
The Bread and Butter Experience is an intimate and small, hands-on class focusing on bread fundamentals, science and techniques to bake artisan-style breads with supermarket ingredients.

And it can't be called 'The Bread and Butter Experience" without us making some homemade butter!

10am to 4 pm. Price includes a 3 course lunch made by The Mixtape Chef, featuring a preview of the same bread which you will be making , a homemade beer, coffee and loads of fun.

The class size is strictly for 4 pax. Dates for private sessions to be discussed.

Note, we have a chill dog at home. :)
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This class is inspired by my friends who went for bread classes and when they asked me for further bread making advice, I was shocked to learn that they did not know what 'Baker's Percentage'- which is a fundamental knowledge of bread making, is. While most bread classes make several different types and shapes of breads, I feel that the students often leave the class with recipes rather than knowledge to continue on their bread journey. 
The ultimate aim of this class is that you will understand the science and rationale behind each step of bread making, the variations that you can take to one day branch out to any types of bread you want. Hence this is truly a bread and butter, fundamental class. :)
In this class, we will focus on making just one single country loaf bread using instant yeast. No shame here- you will be surprised by the amount of flavour you can get from instant yeast. By the end of the class, you should have the knowledge to progress to produce a sourdough on your own. You will be making the bread from scratch: learning to use the baker's percentage, mixing the dough, learning how to hand knead, understanding primary and secondary fermentation and the ways to achieve the best crust at home. Hence, there is a need for a longer class as bread making does take time.  Also, we will be kneading the bread only by hand as I strongly believe you need to learn how the dough feels like before you move on to a mixer. 
By the end of the class, you will be able to take home your freshly baked homemade bread and homemade butter. 
Schedule: Morning, we will be learning some theory of bread making before proceeding to hand knead the bread. While the bread is fermenting, we will have a 3 course home-cooked lunch featuring a preview of the same basic country loaf that you are making. In the afternoon, we will be learning how to shape the dough and then have some fun to make our own butter from cream directly. We will bake the bread and taste the fruits of our labour with some super freshly made bread and butter. 
Note: There will be science involve in this class and it is for someone who is genuinely interested in equipping themselves with the fundamentals to kickstart their bread journey.
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