• The Koji Mixtape

    For the new frontier lovers

  • What is Koji?

    Koji is a miracle mould that brings umami to so many things. It is the mould responsible for Miso, Soy Sauce and Sake! Able to transform a bland soy bean to something as umami rich as miso, chefs around the world have recently been tinkering with how to harness its amazing powers! In recent years, there has been a renaissance of interest in the use of Koji in all kinds of applications to bring food to the new frontier of umami!

    A Culmination of 2 years of experiments

    As this is a relatively new field, information about how to use Koji outside of its traditional uses is sparse. I have been experimenting with Koji for the last 2 years plus and it all culminated into this Koji tasting menu. We make all the Koji products that you will enjoy in this menu in houses, such as making our own Koji rice, Shio Koji, Shoyu Koji, Garum, and even our own aged Miso which is now 9 months old. We take the word homemade very seriously. :)

    What is this menu about?

    This menu aims to showcase the power of Koji through various homemade Koji products and different applications. Expect simple flavours to let the Koji shine and adventurous flavours such as our Homemade Miso ice Cream.

  • $720 per session

    *Bring your own booze, no corkage

    5 pax maximum

    Minimum of 6 pax or equivalent spend to start

    Maximum of 5 pax as of 21 July 2020 due to Covid restrictions

    7 courses

    *Menu subjected to change depending on the availability of ingredients

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