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    Made in small batches by The Mixtape Chef

  • Made from Scratch

    Since the beginning of our private dining journey in 2014, it is our philosophy to make as many things as possible from scratch. In doing so, it allows one to appreciate things in its entirety in today's fast-paced world

    Better Flavours

    Most importantly, making it ourselves also means better flavours! Everything is within our control: lower sugar levels and more flavour!

    All Natural

    Homemade in small batches in the good old fashion way, without any preservative and added chemicals.

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    Koji Marinated Char Siew

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    All our Pistachio Products have moved to a new exciting online shop!

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    Starting with Pistachio, we will launch others soon!


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    The magical mould of umami


    Everyone loves pistachios; especially when it is made with the world's best pistachios!


    Salted. Hung. Smoked.

  • Pistachio Products

    Hands down, the best pistachios in the world!

    Grown on the foothills of the active volcano, Mount Etna, these Sicilian pistachios are incredibly nutty and tasty. We managed to get hold of them and made some products with it so you can enjoy it like we did when we were in Sicily.


    The Miracle mould. We culture our own Koji in-house and made these incredible umami products for you!


    I love fermentation- you get so much flavour from it! We ferment these products in-house and I am sure you will love it too!

    Coming Soon.

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